It’s Christmastime Again

I love Christmas.  The parties, the presents, Grandma’s visit.  It’s all good.  BUT…

My pop took me took me to see some really big guy with a hat and glasses and a beard and a red coat.  I have to say I was scared.  I didn’t show it.  After all, there were lots of dogs there so I couldn’t let them see me nervous. 

Apparently they took a picture:


I’m very pretty aren’t I?Merry Christmas to all my friends and remember all those puppies that need us the most.

Peace out.

Sweet Pea


Mom Went On Vacation

Mom went on vacation.  Something about going to celebrate Grandma’s birthday.  Now, I love Grandma, but seriously, Mom leaves us for that.  What about Grandmas coming to our house to celebrate it here with me and my sisters.  Nobody asked me my opinion. I feel totally disrespected.

Anyway, this is what it’s like around here:


Don’t we look pitiful?


Will Spring ever come?

I have to say that patience is one of my greatest virtues Every morning I wait until I hear my Mom’s voice before I leap out of bed flap my elephant ears and dive into my day. But, I’m starting to lose it with this weather:(

Will spring never come?

Last weekend it was pretty nice. Pop took my sisters and me to the park. There were lots of kids kicking a ball around. Pop says they were practicing some game called soccer. It was cool the way half of them stopped practicing to run over and lavish me with affection. It wasn’t cool the way the man with the whistle yelled at them to get back to practice. Apparently he has no idea what is really important in life – ME!

But Monday brought rain and snow and very cold temperatures, and it stayed like that all week. YUCK

Today the sun is out and even though it’s only 32 at the moment, Pop tells me that it will warm up and we’ll probably go to the park later. I don’t like the word probably, so I’ll be my most adorable self all day and make sure it becomes a definitely.

For those of you screaming for a recent picture of your’s truly, here it is:
I think I look very distinguished. Pop says I look just like my brother Brutus, who I never met, when he was my age. What do you think?:
Brutus Portrait

Peace out – Pea

2nd Birthday with my forever family

My family decided to give me a birthday in January. This year I got toys, special treats and a very special birthday dinner. My big sisters were okay with my getting  the new toys first because Mom buys enough for everyone to share -but I get first crack because its my birthday!

My sisters get to share in the special treats and special dinner, but my parents made sure they knew they got the treats because it was my birthday. It was pretty clear I was the star all day.

So now I’m officially two-years old (even though we really have no idea how old I am). And I can also say with some degree of confidence that I really really like birthdays! In fact I’m starting to work on a plan to get a birthday every week – Okay maybe every month is more realistic.

I just know that my family has found another way to show me they love me and they’re glad I found them – they call it “my birthday.”


What Does Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mean to Me?

Family. Sure I’ve got my Mom and Pop, but the family would not be complete without my sisters. My sister Jasmine (or Jazzy to close friends) is my canine Mom. She even looks like me. Jasmine is an 85 pound Olde English Bulldogge and she is the best caregiver in the world. Sometimes we call her Nurse Jasmine because she takes care of the whole family.

Jasmine is very patient with me. She teaches me gently but firmly. When I do really good – she’s so proud. Jasmine means everything to me.

Sometimes I make Jasmine nuts, okay maybe I hump her or I jump on her. My Mom says no one has ever made Jasmine mad before I came along. It takes a lot to get her mad – and even then she’s very gentle when she sets me straight!
Jazzy girl

Then there’s my sister Roxi. Roxi is a diva. She’s a 65 pound English Bulldog. She’s never had a little sister before – so she’s kind of a bully. Roxi teaches me with tough love. She thinks she scares me when she yells at me – but I just laugh and do what I want anyway. Roxi’s tough on everyone – but she really loves our family too – even me but she doesn’t always admit it. Roxi is a little jealous that she used to be the baby – and now I am. I get it – I even think it’s kind of funny.
07 02 18 Nikon D70 005

My sisters both had tough starts. Jasmine was thrown into a pen full of hunting dogs when she was just a puppy. She couldn’t get enough food and the breeder heard things were bad and took her back once she was malnourished. By then she had some bad habits so this is her fourth home. Now everyone says Jasmine is the perfect dog. She is sweet and gentle and so very loving.

Roxi went to a young couple with a small child when she was a pup. The couple fought constantly and finally got a divorce. They treated her like she was in the way. The only human attention she got was when the little boy squeezed her too tight and when the obsessively clean Mom gave her baths all the time cause she thought dogs were dirty. I heard when she first came to this home she would never permit anyone to hug or hold her and she kept looking at the bathtub with longing. She never went to the vet for over a whole year before she came here.

Now Roxi is a very happy little girl. She loves her family – okay she’s still a diva – but that’s just her personality. I know she loves me a lot even though she sometimes tries to hide it.

We are all good girls. We are happiest when we’re all together with our parents. We are all examples of how love and patience can make anything possible. Some days I work hard to test that patience – but that’s what babies do! It proves they really love me – and I like a lot of proof!

Oh yeah, we got new toys and treats for Christmas – that’s good too!

And what post would be complete without a closeup of yours truly?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Sweet Pea


It happened again.  Scarry little people came to the door and demanded treats.  It happened last year.  I thought it was over and done with.  But no, apparently once you give in to these monsters they never let you off the hook.

So, the other day they came again.  In waves and waves.  The first wave was about a hundred.  Pop just told me it was about 8, but I swear it was a hundred.  Pop put up a gate to protect me from them, but when I saw them swarm my Pop, I had to do something, so I knocked down the gate and charged. 

Guess what.  They were little kids.  Kids love me.  So I got showered with all kinds of kisses.  Well, mostly it was me kissing them.  But, I got all kinds of hugs.

Pop explained to me that I got lucky that time and the next wave might actually be monsters so I had to stay behind the gate.  Well, I was a good girl and did.  Wave after wave came and all of them kept saying things like “Look…Bulldogs!”.  I guess we scared them away because they took their bribes and said “Thank You” and ran away. 

Finally my best human friend in the whole world came.  Emma is her name and she lives around the block on the way to the park.  I think she sits in her window and watches for me every day because every time we walk by her house she runs out to see me.  Emma and her family are really nice people.  They have 4 rescues living with them.  Rescue families are the best in the world.  Well, actually its a flat out tie with foster families.   There’s a special place reserved in heaven for them.

Changing subjects, I continue to grow hair.  Pop tells me I’m about 98%.  There are still a couple of patches where its thin, but everyone tells me I look like a new dog.  I’m not sure I appeciate that comment.  I was pretty spectacular before.  My sister Jasmine had surgery.  She had a skin tag on her eyelid which was really bothering her.  She was uncomfortable for a few days after the surgery, but now she looks and feels great.  She is so much happier.  My sister Roxi has “Bulldog tail”.  Well it got infected and she was really uncomfortable.  One night she was really really uncomfortable so Mom took her to the vet.  Thank god.  She was driving me crazy.  But the medicine gave her instant relief so she is better now too.  So we’re one big happy family!


That’s it for now.  Next time I write I’ll tell you all about my new nanny who will watch us when Mom & Pop go to NYC to attend a book launch party for “The Almond Tree”.  Mom’s company is promoting the book so she has to go.  They tell me the book is about a controversial subject.  I don’t know what that means.  World conflict is beyond my pay grade.  I’m way more interested in getting that toy away from Roxi.:-)

TTFN (ta ta for now)

Sweet Pea

Block Party

Saturday night we had something called a block party. It was great. Mom & Dad let me and my sisters play out front without being on the leash. And there were a ton of people. Did I say it was great? And there was food! Apparently there was a BBQ competition so there were many different kinds of pork. All my friends thought that I was so cute that they couldn’t resist me. So every time I gave them my “I’m starving” look I got a hunk of pork. Mom and Dad didn’t even know it.

Best of all was that I got to run around and play with my new BFF. Her name is Macy and she is a chocolate Lab that lives across the street. I got so tired that I slept all Sunday.


Pop wanted me to tell everybody that I continue to gain weight. I’m up to 60 lbs. I don’t know exactly what that means but I like being able to throw my weight around.

That’s it for now.

Peace Out – Pea

Hot – Hot – Hot

That’s all I can say.  Ever since my Mom and Pop went on vacation it’s been beastly hot.  I stay inside a lot and only go for walks in the morning.  I hate this.  I have to burn off energy playing with Jasmine.  She’s a good sport about it, but I Roxi really doesn’t like to play so it’s hard on her watching me and Jazzy having such a good time.

My skin is a whole lot better.  Mom and Pop have even started to give me some of the treats that Jasmine and Roxi get.  So far so good.  I haven’t had any breakouts.  Plus, my hair is coming in very well.  I still have some thin spots, but all in all I look very beautiful. 

That’s all for now.  I’ll check back soon.

Enthusiastically greeting each new day

This is Sweet Pea’s pop. I’ve given her the month of June off from her blogs.

I’ve titled this post “Enthusiastically greeting each new day” for a very good reason. That’s what we mutter each and every morning when Sweet Pea leaps up every morning, slobbers us with kisses, and I do mean all of us, Roxi and Jasmine included, and races around the room excitedly. As brutally annoying it can be at 6:15, it is also most heartwarming. The joy she finds in her new life is matched by the joy that she has given us.

Luckily, she runs out of steam as the day goes on, so this is the lump around 10:00pm

Every day we give thanks for the people and circumstance that brought Sweet Pea to our home.

May came and went

Pop has been on my case all month about writing. Today he took me aside and said that today was the day. So here goes:

May was kind of a boring month for me. Me and Pop did some work in the yard which I’m not too happy about. He put in a garden which would be really cool to run around in, but he put metal cages around all the plants. So, all I get to do is look at them while they grow. Then we put up a pretty orange fence around a huge area of the yard because apparently me and my sisters and the brothers and sister that I never met really did a number on the grass. I’d like to take credit for that, but there was no grass by the time I got here. Only dirt and mud, when it rained. I liked that; except for having my feet cleaned every time I came back into the house.

Don’t tell Pop, but I figured out a way to get under the fence. I only sneak in to “use the facilities”. Pop doesn’t know it’s me, but I think he suspects.

Mom has been very busy. She spent almost every spare minute at home writing her newest novel. She finished it last Sunday and it was quite a relief. That meant that Monday was all about me, and I really like that. She said that the editing process will start, but we will have some time to ourselves until the first edit comes back.

I’m doing much better with my coat. It is coming in better and better. I still have a few mottled spots, but that’s my charm. Well, actually it’s my engaging personality. Everybody loves me. Even Roxi, who likes to scream at me when I try to play with her. It’s really a game and I know she loves to play. I think it’s her only chance to yell at me without Mom and Pop telling her to stop. Jasmine is conflicted, I’m part sister and part baby to her. Either way works for me, I just love her!

Well, as you can see I’m as pretty as ever.

I’m thinking about writing again in 12 hours. Then it will officially be June. That will get Pop off my back and make me look conscientious. Imagine that.

Until next time.

Sweet Pea

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